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TargeT 2010

Audit Assistant


Code: Audit Assistant
KPMG is looking for Audit Assistant.

Quick facts

City: Kazan, Krasnoyarsk
Permanent position
Office job
Contract: Contract

Minimal education level: Last-year student
Minimal work experience: No experience

Working schedule
Schedule: No information

What does Audit mean?

Audit — is an independent verification of the financial statements for the reliability of the information in. Audit involves certain processes and procedures designed to verify if a true and fair financial statements posted on the company, reflects the results of its operations. Audit also assumes a certain level of understanding of issues and analysis. We should be able to provide our customers the necessary consultation on the rules and the underlying information in the financial statements and help them understand the current requirements.

Please choose one of the following market segments:

  • Financial services
  • Industrial markets
  • Energy and natural resources
  • Consumer markets


As usual audit is a series of works, which includes research, consultation, information exchange and verification, analysis and reporting. Auditors begin a project with forming a comprehensive picture of the client's business through research, meetings and travel to client sites. At the meetings with financial directors and senior managers discussed aspects of strategy and operational aspects of audit, then the auditor will review and analysis that includes:

  • Examination with the results of previous audits, in order to understand the processes that are specific for this particular client
  • Reconciliation of account balances with credit institutions in the accounting client with the data bank
  • Check for the balance sheet date of certain assets and the accuracy of the reflection of their value
  • Confirmation of an accurate and complete list of vendors
  • Study of the inventory methods used by the client
  • Conducting a test of inventory
  • Testing of existing processes and controls

The next stage — drawing up the report, which reflects the results of the work you do, accented majоr issues and makes recommendations.


  • Be a graduate or last-year student
  • Have an interest in accounting and audit
  • Fluent in English and Russian
  • Readiness for intensive work and learning
  • Be able to take business trips
  • Opportunity to work full time
  • Have the skills to work in a team
  • Have the skills of analytical work
  • Wish to learn and develop professionally

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