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TargeT 2010

Audit Assistant, German Desk


Code: 104703BR
KPMG is looking for audit assistant, German Desk

Quick facts

City: Moscow
Permanent position
Office job
Contract: Contract

Minimal education level: Last-year student
Minimal work experience: No experience

Working schedule
Schedule: Fixed


  • Examination with the results of previous audits, in order to understand the processes that are specific for this particular client
  • Reconciliation of account balances with credit institutions in the accounting client with the data bank
  • Check for the balance sheet date of certain assets and the accuracy of the reflection of their value
  • Confirmation of an accurate and complete list of vendors
  • Study of the inventory methods used by the client
  • Conducting a test of inventory
  • Testing of existing processes and controls


  • Be a graduate or last-year student; have an interest in accounting and audit
  • Fluent in German, English and Russian (communication with expats, preparing documents in German and English, work with IFRS, etc.)
  • Readiness for intensive work and learning
  • Be able to take business trips
  • Opportunity to work full-time
  • Have the skills to work in a team
  • Have the skills of analytical work
  • Wish to learn and develop

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